my_servicesAt Savva Automotive we follow a strategic process, of understanding our Clients’ needs. Clarifying the actions that need to be addressed. Create solutions that are SMART, (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed based). Change comes with the ability and desire for the client to let go of the old ways of thinking, feeling, behaving and willingly adopt the new way of operating. Continue with them to implement specific levels of knowledge and understanding that will result in improved and sustainable performance. Close, ensuring and helping the client understand how it was done, why it worked, and how the exercise can be repeated.

Andy has owned & managed some of the most successful independent garages in the UK. As an automotive aftermarket business expert, he has helped many garage owners take their businesses to amazing levels of success. but he has also helped many industry-leading Original Equipment Parts Suppliers & Distributors understand how garage owners think and what they want from their suppliers. There is no doubt about it Andy Savva is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate figures when it comes to automotive industry.

Services offered:

  • Review and Analysis of your Current Business
  • Operations Management for the Service Business
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Service Experience Training & Coaching
  • Financial Management
  • Automotive Service Best Practice
  • Workshop Management & Efficiency
  • Reception Management

So nice to meet you today, your presentation was inspiring and informative and gave me lots of thoughts, my biggest one being how to set up my mobile business effectively and also communicating with my clients.
Norbert Bear
The presentation was brilliant - really well balanced, informative and engaging. You will already know this do have such a talent in presenting and speaking to people. It is a real gift.
Holly MarlesEozone
Just a quick thank you for your presentation at Autoinform on Sunday. I enjoyed it immensely.
MarkAes York
Your session yesterday was like a Eureka moment for me. To hear an independent repairer like yourself evaluate your business and put a plan in place such as you have done really shows independents what can be done.
MannixEuro Car Parts Ireland
It has been a pleasure to have met you, I think my life in the motor trade may be richer in all ways because of it. I look forward to learning from you over the coming months. Thank you.
Rebecca PullanCarmaster
Andy was able to give me an insight into my own potential business future and holds a fantastic wealth of experience in the automotive aftermarket industry. It is hard to imagine asking him to evaluate your business being anything less than beneficial to you, your staff and your company.
Mr Jones
Following Andy’s recent visit to our garage we are feeling very positive about the way forwards. Andy pointed out where we were doing well and also crucially highlighted the areas where we have room for improvement. His no-nonsense style means that he gets his message across quickly and clearly.
Richard WhitneyDavid Dexters
All I can say is a big thank you. I feel like it's a new beginning and I also feel like I had lost my way but you have given me a map to making work again. I can't tell you how grateful I am for your work. We are still turning that corner. But I can honestly say the best thing I done to turn that corner was having your help and direction."
SEAN SMITHSmiths Garage, Henley on Thames
Andy quickly and efficiently gained an overview of our business and it's current limitations. He offered realistic, sensible and practical solutions which we will be definitely implementing. His understanding of the motor trade and business is extensive and has enabled us to look at our business with a fresh pair of eyes, many thanks!
Mike HicksCar Care Tetbury
I would highly recommend Andy Savva and his company Savva Automotive Ltd to all these garages which struggle, need help and are willing to open their minds for new ideas. Andy Savva is for garages like Gordon Ramsey for restaurants!!!
Tomasz KremerAutomax